About Us

Travel is Magic

FREEPLUS is a certified Osaka-based Land Operator founded in 2010. We are a one-stop provider for inbound travel services ranging from planning to bookings, to tour arrangements for Japan overseas travel agencies in tours spanning all across the nation. Through Trip2Local, we are all about showcasing traditional cultures and shining a light on hidden gems across West Japan to give our visitors a unique, intimate, and authentic experience. Go beyond the guidebooks, and find the magic.

Read more about our philosophy, meet the team, see our locations and our work so far on our corporate page here.

Why Trip2Local?

1. Knowledge: We specialize in experiences ranging from standard tours to local ones 
2. Impactful: We craft unique tours with stories and meaning   
3. Support: Our multinational members and guides will be there for you 
4. Customization: Tailor to your travel preferences and requirements 
5. Direct service: Cut out the middleman for better rates on your trips