How will I get around?
In a comfortable car, van, or bus depending on your group size. If you're up for an adventure and want to save, why not give Japan's extensive railway system a try? Let us know if you want to navigate your own way around—it's all part of the fun! We can reserve train tickets for you too.

Do I need a tour guide and do you offer tours in multiple languages?
Only if you request one! Our tour guides have done tours in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and more!  Additionally, our staff are fluent in English, Japanese, Mongolian, Hungarian, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese, so let us know which language you are comfortable with. 

When should I book a tour?
It is recommended to book a tour at least 3 months before your intended trip. For cherry blossom viewing season (March-April) and autumn foliage season (October - late November), it is recommended to book at least 6 months as these are peak travel times in Japan. 

Can you help with booking flights to Japan and the visa?
As we are based in Japan,  we cannot offer help on a visa or flights here. However once you land, we will take care of everything from hotels, transportation, tickets, guides, experiences, and arrangements.  

What is the group size for your tours?
For your comfort, these are private tours for you and your group only. Experience Japan with the ones closest to you. 

What kind of food can I expect?
Indulge in the local flavors with our food options which are carefully handpicked by our travel designers. No matter your dietary preferences—whether halal, vegetarian, or gluten-free—we've got you covered! Just give us a heads up about your needs.

I want to change part of the tour you have on the site...
As long as we stick to the time constraints, we're all for it. We're here to make sure you get to see the sites that matter most to you, so don't hesitate to let us know your preferences. 

Can I request a custom tour? How much will it be?
The itinerary cost varies based on factors. For detailed pricing and options, please contact us for assistance in planning your ideal journey (consultation is free!). Whether you want a private geisha makeup experience, eat the finest Japanese cuisine, stay at a temple after a short pilgrimage in the mountains, we will get you there no matter how unconventional the destination is.

What if I don't know specifically where to go and how to start?
If you're unsure where to start planning your ideal Japan trip, we're here to help! Contact us directly to discuss what interests you most. We look forward to hearing from you.