Day 2, Part 1: Hidden Gems of Ishikawa

Day 2, Part 1: Hidden Gems of Ishikawa


A day of cycling, shrines, pizza, and Japanese sake!

Part 1 of Day Two of my Ishikawa trip began with a cycling adventure from Tsurugi station at the foot of Mt. Hakusan where we met with e-cruttto cycling tour company.  It was my first time on such high-quality bikes—Giant brand bikes from Taiwan, recognized as road bikes of the year. After a safety briefing from guides and bike experts, we set off through green rice fields, winding mountain paths, and alongside the picturesque Tedori river. The area was quite rural, so there wasn't the risk of much traffic on the roads at all which made a newbie like me feel safe.

We visited the serene Shirayamahime Shrine, a stark contrast to Osaka's bustling shrines. Surrounded by tall cedar trees, I found peace in its quiet atmosphere. Legend has it that the deity there helps bring about relationships if you wish for it. Afterward, we cycled to a rustic log house for lunch, seamlessly integrated into its natural surroundings. We shared a few freshly baked pizzas from the masonry oven and hearty pasta before exploring and some snapping photos. After a day of Japanese food, it was nice to have a western style meal: good ol' carbs and meat to replenish myself from morning of cycling in the hot summer heat.  

Photo courtesy of e-cruttto. 

Despite having only enough time for a 3-hour course, e-cruttto offers longer options like a 6-hour waterfall course and a seaside course as well. They always include lunchtime, so there's no need to worry about meals. Though I've never done anything like road cycling, I'd certainly love to have more opportunities to thanks to this experience. After bidding our farewells and expressing our gratitude, we were directed to a sake tasting session. It was my first sake tasting (a day of firsts!), and I found it quite enjoyable. 

The sake brewery, was in the middle of lush green rice fields in the middle of the countryside. Its minimalist yet striking architecture complemented the pure atmosphere of the tasting room. With lots of natural light and views of the rice paddies, it offered a serene tasting experience. Each pour was accompanied by detailed flavor explanations. I believe those seeking a private and elevated experience would appreciate it greatly.

And those were the highlights of the first half of the day on the second day of my trip! Next up in the blog: discover two unique boutique hotels in Ishikawa's Kaga area and explore more local crafts!

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