Dream of Steam, Hot Springs of West Japan

Dream of Steam, Hot Springs of West Japan


Arima, Kinosaki, Dogo, Beppu, and Yufuin: these hot spring towns in West Japan provide visitors with an opportunity to unwind, relax, and experience the healing properties of Japan's geothermal waters in quaint and quieter areas.

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Arima Onsen (Hyogo)
Renowned as one of Japan's oldest hot spring resorts, Arima Onsen boasts two types of thermal waters with different mineral compositions, believed to have therapeutic properties. The town is nestled in the Rokko Mountains, offering picturesque views and luxurious ryokan accommodations.


Kinosaki Onsen (Hyogo)
Known for its seven public bathhouses  and charming streets lined with willow trees, Kinosaki Onsen is a popular hot spring town where visitors can enjoy strolling in traditional yukata robes, sampling local cuisine, and experiencing the nostalgic atmosphere of a bygone era.


Dogo Onsen (Ehime)
Believed to be one of Japan's oldest hot springs with a history dating back over 3,000 years, Dogo Onsen is famous for its historic bathhouse, Dogo Onsen Honkan, which served as a source of inspiration for Studio Ghibli's film "Spirited Away." The town exudes timeless elegance and offers visitors a chance to soak in healing waters and explore the surrounding area's cultural attractions.


Beppu (Oita)
Known as one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts, Beppu is home to a variety of hot spring baths, including mud baths, sand baths, and steam baths. Visitors can also experience the unique "Hells of Beppu," a collection of colorful and geothermally active hot spring pools.


Yufuin (Oita)
Nestled in the scenic Yufu Mountain range, Yufuin offers a tranquil retreat with natural hot spring baths, boutique shops, and art galleries. The town's idyllic setting and relaxed atmosphere make it a popular destination for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.  Yufuin town with  smoke from the hot springs are seen from Lake Kinrin in Yufuin.
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