Day 2 Part 2: Unique Hotels, Kutani Pottery, and Glass Craftmanship in Ishikawa

Day 2 Part 2: Unique Hotels, Kutani Pottery, and Glass Craftmanship in Ishikawa


Cover photo courtesy of Seihodo.

Continuing my exploration of Ishikawa Prefecture on day two! In my previous post, I shared about countryside bike rides and sake tasting. If you missed the first day, where I uncovered hidden gems in Kanazawa, catch up here.

Photo courtesy of Auberge Eaufeu

After our sake tasting, we ventured to a unique spot: a renovated elementary school transformed into a luxury dining and lodging destination called Auberge Eaufeu. The acclaimed chef, the youngest ever to win a grand prix in cooking competitions, prepares  dishes using local ingredients with an artistic touch. He caters to all dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, and halal-friendly options.

Photo courtesy of Auberge Eaufeu

Each room was once a classroom, offering spaciousness, ample storage, and even a shower room with a bath. The decor was minimal and modern, featuring artworks by local artists that guests could purchase right off the walls. The location's charm lay in its rural setting amidst rice fields, where the air was fresher, allowing for true relaxation. It's not every day you can say that you stayed in a Japanese school! 

We then head on the bus and drove to the Kutani Ceramic Art Village. Kutaniyaki is a type of chinaware from Ishikawa Prefecture, known for its hand-painted decorations in red, yellow, green, purple, and blue. The materials for the clay and pigments are sourced from local areas within the area and undergo molding and firing processes to complete the production. Beyond the museum exhibits, the museum has a shopping area outside of it with rows of unique shops offering an array of handmade pottery. Additionally, visitors can use their spacious facilities dedicated to creating and painting their own Kutani pieces.

photos courtesy of Seihodo 

The craft tour continues! We then visited a specialized glass factory that combines glass and ceramic to create stunning designs called Kutaniwa Glass, with Seihodo. Their glasses are celebrated for their colorful designs and innovative fusion of materials, recognized with a Good Design Award in 2006. The factory offers tours where you can see their creations firsthand, and even take pottery classes to learn the craft yourself. It was an inspiring glimpse into the artistry and innovation of modern glass and ceramic production.

In the evening, we visited Wellness House Sarai, where wellness, art, and accommodation converge. The architecture integrates Kutani ceramics throughout, visible even in the bathhouse (tattoo-friendly!). With 8 rooms offering both Western beds and Japanese futons, each uniquely designed by Japanese artists, the rooms were both spacious and whimsical. Highlights included rooms featuring a black dragon on gold leaf and a whale amidst Japanese waves. Following the tour, we enjoyed a Japanese course dinner before being shuttled back to our hotel.

Part 2 of Day 2 in Ishikawa Prefecture in the Kaga and Komatsu area was a captivating experience: from the transformed elegance of Auberge Eaufeu to the hands-on creativity at Kutani Ceramic Art Village and Seihodo glass factory. Wellness House Sarai offered a tranquil end to the day, showcasing how tradition and art coexist in Ishikawa. This day left me inspired and eager for more adventures in this hidden gem of Japan. 

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