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A healing village filled with nature and history


Foreign travelers who are interested in Japanese culture and food and those who want to experience it deeply (mainly repeaters). 

Concept: A healing village filled with nature and history

This gourmet route is a tour where you can enjoy Japanese culture and food while visiting famous sightseeing spots and hidden spots in Japan, including Tokyo, Gunma, Niigata, Ishikawa, and Kyoto. On this tour, you can experience a variety of local dishes and ingredients, from fresh seafood to wagyu beef, and experience the rich food culture of Japan

We can assure you that every moment of this tour will remind you of Japanese culture and history.

Days: 11 days 

Attendees: 1 to 20 people 


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DAY 1:Scent of old Tokyo

Gather at the Sendagi Station and meet your guide.

Stroll through Yanaka Ginza, Asakusa, and other downtown areas of Japan

From there, join luxurious gourmet experience on a yakatabune:

A day where you can experience Japanese food culture. 

DAY2:Discover "Real"

Start the 2nd day from healthy breakfast at the temple named Tsukiji Honganji Cafe.

What about taking a rest in Tea house after walking around ex-imperial garden?

Spend a day exploring Tokyo while experiencing monjayaki, a Tokyo specialty, and fresh seafood from Tsukiji. 


DAY3:Town of sacred monk, "Daruma"

Deepen your interest into the traditional crafts of Gunma prefecture, "Daruma".

Feel history over 1000 years in Ikaho Hot Springs


In Gunma Prefecture, where many historical cultural heritages of Japan remain,

enjoy "Mountain Kaiseki" using ingredients unique to the sealess prefecture. 

DAY 4:Niigata's Unique Blend of Rice and Japanese Culture

Enjoy dishes made with rice and seafood in Niigata, which is famous as a rice-producing area blessed with rich nature.

We will convey the charm of Niigata to those who are interested in Japanese culture.


Yahiko Shrine has been worshipped by not only people living in the present but also the Samurai in the past.


DAY 5 : Traditional Charm of Kanazawa Chaya Geisha District

A Journey to Taste the Traditions of Kanazawa City:

Explore the charms of Kanazawa's gastronomy "Noto Beef" and "Geisha Culture".

A relaxing day to soothe your tired body from traveling by bus. 


DAY 6 : Rich Flavors and Cultural Traditions of Kanazawa

A day in Kanazawa where you can enjoy fresh seafood and traditional culture.


The geisha town in Kanazawa that was visited was very impressive, and we visit again and enjoy the geisha dance. 


DAY 7: Fukui’s shrines and the long-standing traditions

Katsuyama City in Fukui Prefecture has an abundance of food

from the mountains and rivers, and there are many delicious dishes.

Enjoy a leisurely meal as if you were a feudal lord while enjoying the atmosphere of the Edo period. 


 Be refreshed by visiting Heisenji Hakusan Shrine


DAY 8: The Hidden Gems of "Unknown Kyoto By the Sea"

Although Kyoto is world-reknown as a representative Japanese city for its culture and history,

there are still unknown charms to be discovered.

Kyoto by the sea is rich in nature, so let’s enjoy the sea.


DAY 9: Feel the Beauty of Japan in the Scenic Kyoto Destination

A day of walking while enjoying the beautiful scenery that blends Japanese nature and culture. 


Fully enjoy Kyoto cuisine that draws out the possibilities of the ingredients with a flexible attitude for dinner. 

You can see one of examples below.


DAY 10:Exploring Popular and Off-the-Beaten-Path Spots

A day with classic spots and hidden gems.

Heal the fatigue of your travels while experiencing the public bath culture of Kyoto. 

Dinner is not included on this day, you can choose favorite cuisine restaurant.


DAY 11:Exploring Popular and Off-the-Beaten-Path Spots

Take a walk around Kyoto's beautiful temples, shrines, and gardens on your own, and enjoy fine dining together in the evening. 

See a list of restaurants in Gion, Kyoto, the "City of Gastronomy" where the world's best restaurants are lined up. Have a great time on the last day of your trip.


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