Craftsman tour in Kansai

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Good things, forever 


People who are tired of modern life in the city and want to enjoy a private trip


You can get high-quality products in your own country, but they tend to be manufactured by machines, so they are inorganic.
Now is the time to offer a tour for those who want to use good products that are full of craftsmanship and passion for a long time.

Days: 11 days 

Attendees: 2 people 


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DAY 1:Arrival

Arrive in Kansai airport and take a free time.


DAY 2:Kyoto crafts

  • Free lunch at Nishiki Market

  • Masuya Takao(try weaving


DAY 3:Shiga crafts

  • Ebita Kougei(making a chopstick rest out of pottery
  • Okamura honke(Sake brewery)

DAY 4:Biwako cycling free day


DAY 5:Fukui crafts

Megane Museum(glass making)

- Sabae city is famous that 90% of glasses in Japan has been made.


DAY 6:Fukui crafts

  • Zazen experience in Eiheiji temple

  • Toujinbou

  • Refresh yourself in Yamashiro Onsen & Indoor activity


DAY 7:Ishikawa crafts

  • Kutaniyaki Kiln Museum

  • Traditional art & craft of Ishikawa

  • Higashi Chayagai

DAY 8:Toyama crafts

Try fresh seafood in Michi no eki Himi

  • Gokayama, which is one of the World Heritage site


DAY 9:Gifu crafts

  • Hida furukawa walking tour by local guide

  • Old view of Takayama
  • Gero Onsen


DAY 10:Gifu crafts

  • Knife Museum(Swordsmith experience)

DAY 11:Aichi crafts

  • Inuyama castle

Thank you for visiting Japan.

We hope you come to Japan again.

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